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I’ve been a little caught up lately with extraneous matters.

New stuff is coming very soon to the CCCP blog. Keep your eyes peeled.


On the Table

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This post may be overdue by a couple of days, but here’s a quick rundown of what we have on tap for the near future:

  • December 2nd: The CCCP has a meeting scheduled with Captain Corrales of the Mission PD. At this meeting, we will brief the new captain on our group’s goals and methods, and establish cooperative strategies to catch and apprehend the bike criminals at large.
  • Richard Masoner (of Cyclelicio.us) has approached the CCCP for a possible interview on his webpage. In the meantime, check out his site! It’s full of interesting articles and information about cycling in the Bay Area and beyond!
  • The start of the flier campaign will have to be postponed for a short time, as I will be heading back to New Jersey for the upcoming holiday. I’ll try to keep this blog updated from the road, so keep your eyes peeled. The CCCP wishes everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!

SF Weekly: “Bike vigilantes: Victims strike back”

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Check out SFWeekly.com to read Lauren Smiley’s article about the CCCP. Excerpted from the piece:

McMahon decided to do something. He posted an announcement on Craigslist headlined “Bike Thefts Must Stop/You Can Help ($1)”, calling for people to “band together” for “ethical and legal methods of capture and prosecution”. In three days, he received more than 130 e-mails.

Make sure to post your comments to the SF Weekly page, as well as at the end of this post or on the message board. We want to hear what you have to say!

A Quick Early-Hours Post…

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Okay, just popping in with a little a.m. update:

It looks like our message board is up and running over there in the right sidebar. Click on over and check it out! Explore the forums, read what others have to say, and post something of your own. Make your voice heard!

The CCCP welcomes SFPD Captain Greg Corrales as the new head of the Mission Precinct! We wish him and his station all the best and look forward to working with them in the future.

Don’t forget to pick up your free copy of the SF Weekly today!

Comments, Questions, and Suggestions

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In lieu of not having an actual message board on the site yet, this post will act as a temporary open forum for visitor feedback.

EDIT: We’ve just started a message board (It’s free, so pardon the advertising): http://cccpsf.proboards.com/

There’s a questions/comments thread, and yes, you do have to register to post (Nothing personal; just an attempt to keep things more honest and in proper ethos).

Just a quick aside here: These people have the right mindset for the CCCP and we urge others to follow their admirable and unselfish example.

Fliers, SF Weekly, “Lookout Locations”

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A few quick updates:

1. Fliers are coming soon: Look out for the CCCP canvassing in your neighborhood next week(ish). If you feel like lending a helping hand, shoot off an email and the CCCP will provide you with some fliers of your own!

2. Keep your eyes peeled for an article on the CCCP in the next issue of the SF Weekly! Special thanks to reporter Lauren Smiley for making this happen!

3.  A new sidebar link is coming soon entitled “Lookout Locations“. This page will contain pictures, descriptions and warnings of certain “high-risk” areas where cyclists have fallen victim to theft. When passing through these areas, the CCCP can post “Community Bike Watch” flyers and let the public know to keep an eye out for theft and report any suspicious activity. Case in point: “They cut the lock in front of witnesses in broad daylight. I was in the store for maybe five minutes”.

This idea stems from an email submitted by a concerned mother, Mary Swanson, posted below:

“The Mission deserves better.

Last week, in broad daylight, my son (age 17) had his bike stolen. It was locked, in front of a store at the Potrero shopping center. He was in the store for only ten minutes. People nearby witnessed the bike being taken illegally and did nothing. My son no longer has a means of independent transportation.

The crime was reported to the Mission police station. The store workers said that it happens a lot. No one does anything for each other! My idea is to put up lots of signs about ‘community watch’. Call immediately if a crime is in action. Take a photo with your phone. Describe the criminal. Call security!”

An integral part of the CCCP is community awareness. Spread the word and remember: “If you see something, say something!

Welcome to the CCCP SF Blog

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Check out the “About CCCP SF” and “How It Works” tabs for more info. Media links and meeting info are coming soon.